The Straw Man and the Salt


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Are you someone who believes there is nothing to the claims advertising the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps? If so, this story might have you changing your mind.

I used to be one of those people, and it was a little unusual considering my field of study: Massage Therapy.

So much has been written about the positive effects of these beautifully colored lumps of salt. But, that is all I thought they were. The low ambient lighting of the lamps renders themselves perfect for rooms devoted to relaxation and wellness.

Even after learning of the properties they were said to possess, I still never really bought into it. If anything, I can remember feeling a bit annoyed as I sometimes get when I see these huge crystals and minerals people keep pulling from the earth’s core that actually have been proven to emit energy of some kind. I can’t help but think that maybe Mother Earth needs them more.

Then one day, unexpectedly, that changed.

I was a member of a Facebook group that provided free Tarot and psychic readings to other members and came upon a request by a young woman who was concerned about her dog—more specifically a peculiar attachment to a salt-rock lamp that she had purchased several months prior.

Misunderstanding at first, I had suggested that maybe the dog suffered from allergies and that the light should be turned off.

It was discovered that the dog, in fact, did not want his owner to turn the light off and would get as close to the lamp as possible when it was on. The dog would lie on the bed and press its nose against the softly-lit lamp and would become sullen and anxious when it was turned off.

Before I replied again, I decided to meditate and to connect with the dog myself to try and find out what was going on. This was something I did regularly with my own animals, but that seemed natural and intuitive as our lives are intertwined and we become accustomed to their little idiosyncrasies and issues. We familiarize ourselves with their wants and needs and try to protect them against the things we feel will hurt them, just as this young woman was trying to do with her own dog.

I visualized the dog in the apartment, with his face pressed up against the warm, lit lamp and I asked him what was troubling him. I watched as he made his way over to what I perceived was an open window and stuck his head out sniffing the air. In the distance, I could see what looked like blossoming trees, and with that, the first thought that came to my mind was allergies.

“You have allergies?” I asked.

The dog seemed to smile in reply and danced around a little in apparent joy. It jumped on the bed again and laid its head on the table on which the lamp stood and then rolled his eyes towards me. I could tell that the 9-inch, pink-colored cluster afforded him some relief. I thanked the young pup for his time and offered him a few moments of healing energy, swiftly sweeping his body from head to toe and asking that Reiki be received in a way that was most beneficial to him before wishing him well and returning to my own awareness. I wrote down the information I got in a response to the woman who quickly responded back that she had him tested for allergies and none could be discovered.

It was at that time that I saw again the dog huddled in a tiny mass on the bed and shaking a bit in fear. I followed the dog’s gaze and saw a man stumbling in the hallway outside of the bedroom it was in. The man was wearing some kind of hat and overalls and appeared to be in his older years, but more importantly, the man held between his lips a lit cigarette.

“Was he tested for cigarette smoke?” I asked again.

“Nobody here smokes.” she injected.

“Does an older man live there—one who possibly drank on a regular basis?

“No. It is just the dog and me in a one bedroom apartment.”

I thought about my brother who complained that some furniture that once belonged to my parents smelled like smoke even though it had been almost 30 years since my mom quit.


“Could there have been someone who lived there before you that smoked?”

“Hold on, I’ll ask.”

She wrote back a moment later after conferring with, I imagine, the owner of the apartment in which she rented. When she returned, she answered;

“Oh my God…yes. The man who lived here before me smoked!”

I asked her if it was possible that he drank as well.

“Why?” she asked.

I described the man I saw stumbling toward the bedroom as the dog coiled in fear on the bed, and as I did so, each piece of my vision was confirmed by someone who she would ask as my questions came to her.

There was also another member from this group who confirmed what I had seen as well independently, through their own experience.

It seemed that not only was the dog suffering from the ill effects of residual, second-hand smoke, but seemed, also, to fear the dead man who made daily visits back to his old haunt.

The lamp seemed to afford the dog some sort of protection against both…

We’ve all heard that animals’ sense of smell and their sensitivity to the energies around them are far superior than humans’, but as a Reiki Master and regular practitioner of energy modalities, I can tell you that after having bought one and placed it in my own living room, I can feel the benefits and even notice a difference in the way my own family responds to the subtle energies. I keep it lit all the time because of the results that I feel for myself.

Do these benefits have anything to do with the negative ions they are said to emit?

I have no idea, but according to a recent science experiment the answer would be no.

However, as is the case with many other New age-y relics and techniques, it all boils down to belief, intent, and the ability to sense and feel what even machines have a hard time proving or measuring…hidden benefits and trust in something that might not otherwise be able to be seen and in most cases felt. But if there was a dog that seemed to indicate that there was indeed any benefit—even a dog that was suspended in some other place outside of my own time and space—well, that might be good enough for me; especially considering what we DO know about the superior senses of animals; even long domesticated ones.

Below is a link to an article that gives examples of how salt was used for supernatural and religious purposes. I believe it to be only a small sampling, but if you are interested, there are some fascinating facts to be discovered.

Click here to read article.

©Susan L Davis; all rights reserved 2017

Earth Angel


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Earth Angel:

What do you think of when you hear this?

Earth Angels are those who appear to us and lift us up. It could be when we are feeling lonesome, alone, scared, sad, or even when we have wonderful news that needs to be expressed.

For example, I happened to be out for a walk when I came across a new neighbor. I had seen this person at least once a day from my kitchen window using a walker to walk around in our community.  I could tell that she wasn’t walking just to get “somewhere”,  but she most definitely was on a mission. Her look showed determination and grit…focus. Continue reading

New Beginnings X 2


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new beginnings

Today’s daily draw was reinforced when a second card flew from the deck onto the table.

My question was to ask if there was a message that seemed to be a general theme for most of the members of my page who participate in the Reiki sessions for abundance.

I waffled a little about the deck I wanted to use. My preference is for the Gilded Tarot, because as someone with artistic tendencies, it is what I most respond to, but I also wanted to use a card that would give me a general message that could be applied to a greater number of people. I thought of Doreen Virtue’s Angel deck and knew that the detailed messages she gives always resonate with a lot of people at one time.

The Angel deck it was then!

As I shuffled, I thought about the many people on the page who are seeking either abundance or a way of releasing their energy blocks so that they may be open to abundance. It wasn’t long at all before the ACE OF FIRE flew from the deck and flipped itself over onto the top of the pile of cards I held in my hands.

“OK…thank you!” I thought.

As I looked at the image of the card and read the caption below it, I thought, “How fitting”.

So many of us often struggle with new beginnings because we are afraid of branching out or pushing the envelope.  I feel like this is what so many of us want—to leave behind the hum-drum of our safe existences and chase the dream ourselves. We fall into the vague satisfaction of watching other BRAVE SOULS reach for the brass ring and pretend we are living vicariously through them and happy about it.

Many of us devote a lot of time dreaming up new ideas either for business or just because we find ourselves with a little extra time on our hands leaving our minds to wander freely, and for a moment, we become inspired by these thoughts as the blood starts to surge through our veins before thinking about all the reasons why these ideas would never work and returning to our state of ennui.

But that moment of passion we feel for those ideas are exactly the feelings that propel manifestation forward. It is the beginning of living our dreams the way we envision them in all those moments of rest or down time.

I think about all the ideas in the past that I dreamed of doing as I placed the Angel deck down and reached over to grab the Gilded deck that seemed to draw me in with her vibrant colors. I noticed the way they felt in my hands and I unconsciously shuffled the deck…letting my mind wander.

Just then a card flew from the deck and landed upright on the table in front of me.


Right then. New beginnings it is.

“Spirit, please allow us the courage to reach for our hearts’ desire in whatever endeavor we aspire to, and allow us to draw upon your loving energy so that we may be inspired both in thought and deed. Let us be brave enough to try…to dream…but most of all to act.



This seems like an appropriate time to point out that Doreen Virtue’s Angel oracle cards are based on the 78 cards of tarot. Ace of Fire represents the Ace of Wands—wands represent the element of FIRE which stands for new beginnings (ACE) in CAREER, PROJECTS, and PASSIONS (WANDS).

I am aware of the stigma that is associated with decks that do not resonate with certain groups of people and it saddens me a bit if you consider the history of the tarot. Whatever deck you choose to use, know that you are accessing the same energy that all of us are tapping into. The only difference is in the images selected and used for interpretations.

As with anything, the energy attached to Oracle and Tarot decks is always neutral. What changes the energy is the intent behind their use.

I will be devoting some time to write more about tarot and its history and hope to bring you a post on it in the near future.

Until then…

Namasté my dear friends



©S. L. Davis; Reiki Healings by Susan


Beware the Energy Vampire


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Imagine you are sitting in your office cubicle enjoying your morning brew and sorting through the pages of email. It’s a Monday, but you are feeling great after an incredible weekend at the beach. You’re donning a golden tan and feeling posh in the new outfit you treated yourself to, and then you see it.

“Hey. I haven’t heard from you in a while. Call me. Let’s catch up.” From (does it really matter?)

Suddenly, you groan (yes…out loud).

The neighbor in the cubicle next to you looks up from their work to see what happened and noticed you have gone from an outstanding mood to one of looking almost pained.

You are sitting there with your head on the desk shaking it back and forth. Your spirits have sagged, and you feel ready for a nap. The only problem is, it’s only 9:15 in the morning.

Congratulations! You have been sucked bone dry by an energy vampire.


I know what you’re thinking. I can hear your thoughts. OK, not really, but I know what you are experiencing. I’ve been there many, many times—most often with people I loved. Do you know how grueling family get-togethers can be when there are 1, 2, and sometimes 3 people sitting around the table bleeding you dry?…emotionally speaking, of course.

You start looking for causes; blaming it on a lack of exercise, food allergies, or too many sleepless nights.

“Then what’s happening?” You ask. “Why do I feel so tired when I get around these people? Everybody else seems to be having such a great time. What’s wrong with me?”

Nothing; nothing is wrong with you, provided you are in good health, don’t suffer from food allergies and get plenty of sleep. You are just suffering from an energy imbalance. When it comes to group dynamics, there are two very specific types.

  1. Energy givers
  2. Energy takers.


If you are lucky, you surround yourself with givers; especially if you yourself are a giver. A giver-to-giver combination is a win-win. You give energy by way of support, attention, advice, sympathy, and laughter, and they do the same. There is a simpatico relationship happening.

The trouble begins when you unknowingly or unconsciously surround yourself with takers.

Aunt Marge is groaning about how she was mistreated at the post office by “some lackey who isn’t paid enough to put up with the BS”, Uncle Johnny is poking fun at you in a way that makes you feel a little worthless, and Grandma keeps asking you when you are going to find ‘a good person’ to settle down with.

It all seems innocent enough, right? Only it isn’t. They are acting in a way that is pulling energy from your body (emotionally) and feeding them (also emotionally). Unfortunately, what makes you feel lousy makes them feel good.

A lot of people don’t understand that when we say energy vampire we aren’t suggesting that they bleed us of all our positive energy and then fill us with negativity.  We are just responding to the situation around us in a negative way. The situation isn’t resonating with us, or more importantly, we are responding to it (and them) emotionally. They just drain us of energy period.

This is why it is important to “fill our own buckets” with all the things that make us feel good or that “fill us with positive energy”.

We aren’t really absorbing positive energy, per say, we are just refueling ourselves with a fresh supply of energy by doing something that makes us feel good.

There is, though, the potential of people to cause us to feel negativity because we don’t resonate with them on an energetic level. There are also people who send energy charged with negative intent. It is an outward manifestation of what they are feeling within and charged with emotion, but that doesn’t have to affect us. We choose the way in which we respond to it. This is where detachment comes in.

If we react emotionally to their intent, we are assigning a value to it (i.e. negative) and it is perceived that we are directly affected by their intent. We aren’t.  We are just adding our emotionally charged intent (or response) to theirs.

A wave of energy is contagious in that we have a tendency to spread it around. Someone smiles at you and it fills you with a good feeling (positive energy). Someone else wakes up late, putting them in a miserable mood (negative energy), and suddenly we feel down or drained in their presence. If we choose, that wave of negativity can be stopped in its tracks just by not responding to it (detaching from it).

We make the mental decision to stop the circulation of an emotional response by balancing our energies.

Recognizing this fact alone can help us reclaim our energy and keep it where it belongs…with us.

Next time you face a draining situation, don’t invest emotionally in it and see if that doesn’t make a difference in how you feel afterward.  You might even come to find these situations amusing by seeing them in a different perspective.

Remember, though, it’s ok to respond emotionally to all the positive occasions. In fact, I highly recommend it.

Do this and I guarantee even the pessimistic Peters of the world will learn how to smile with you.




©S. L. Davis; Reiki healings by Susan


Gilded Tarot’s Sun


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gilded tarot sun


***The Sun Card shows a brightly burning sun emanating all the colors associated with the chakras; a balanced system that exudes health, joy, and power. Around the Sun revolves the planets in their perfect alignment to the sun. The Sun’s radiant power pulls and steers the direction of the planets and keeps everything in motion and shines light upon everything she touches. Under her warm gaze, everything flourishes. There is even beauty in the shadows she casts as she illuminates in bright fashion from sun up till sun down.


Today’s meditation is in stark contrast to yesterday’s disruption. More proof positive that it only takes a slight adjustment in thought to tip the scales to a brighter day. When in doubt, keep moving. You can always correct your course later. Growth comes from activity and motion even if only in thought. Pay attention to ideas that come to you in a flash and write them down.

The message is that as long as you are in harmony and one with everything and radiating the positivity from within, like the magnetic field of the sun, your wants, needs, and desires will be drawn to you at all the appropriate times.  The light from the sun will guide your way.

There is great pleasure in strolling about on a sun-soaked day, be it at the beach or in a park. During these times, we aren’t too concerned with what’s going on around us (unless it appeals to us in some way). Our cares and worries are few, at least for a time. The card asks that you take a metaphoric stroll as long as the sun is out and remember to forget to worry and just feel the power of the sun’s warmth. Wallow in it. Feel the joy the sun radiates. If things come easily now, don’t question it. Just turn your face to the streaming rays and let it bath you in its light.

*“I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that held me down. It’s gonna’ be a bright, bright, sun-shiny day.”

Answers that seemed elusive are revealed. Troubles that burdened are lifted. Moods that were low are heightened. Birds are singing, children laughing…all is good with the world.

The sun rises every day without fail. Even when cloud storms threaten, be reminded that the sun is always shining somewhere. If you can’t see it, imagine it. Close your eyes and see yourself basking in her rays. Your mood with brighten instantly.


©S. L. Davis; Reiki Healings by Susan

The Sun Card from Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti; no copyright infringement intended.




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Disruption (1).jpg

***In the card we see a person being pulled apart and seemingly going in different directions. This would indicate either internal or outside forces that distract and DISRUPT our progress in any endeavor. But if you notice the green and blue colors in the bottom of the card, you will be reminded to keep heart-centered (or your heart’s true desire front and centered) and to stay focused on manifesting what it is you want to see happen, and also, to be vocal and clear about what it is you want. Do not waver and if you do, be sure to get the goal back in focus.

The gold crowing the top of the head signifies your thoughts and keeping them in alignment with what your heart wants.  Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra and represents YOUR WILL. Even with all your distractions, you must keep your will and your desire in alignment.

During today’s meditation, and daily card reading I was reminded of the importance of not letting fear and negative thoughts overtake all the progress that has been made for many of us.

Sometimes, when we are faced with the silence of our own thoughts without the benefit of an approving crowd, we resort back to being in self-doubt of our own power and ability to become the person we dream of becoming, to accomplish the goals we know we were meant to achieve, to meet the people or persons we long to meet, and manifest to us the material in all forms.

Every negative thought disrupts that process.

Also, we must remember that Ego is very powerful and sometimes we create, for ourselves, situations that will actually hinder our own progress–hard to believe, I know, but true.

Think about a time when you were driven and determined to have something happen in your life: The passion was there creating the right setting for manifestation to happen (the potential) and then some form of emergency happened, or something that you depended on to help you with your endeavor fell through. We’d like to think that the universe conspired to set up these roadblocks, but you forget! You are made up of the same stuff the universe is made up of.

 You have that power to manifest and clear the way for all the right conditions. 

If obstacles occur, it is because we, on some level, doubt our own ability to create it for ourselves. We are not releasing all the old paradigms and beliefs that we are not enough on our own.

Another aspect of disruption occurs when the fear of others threatens our resolve and belief in ourselves.

If we remember that other’s actions are caused by their own fears, it makes it easier to let go of the anger we may feel, or the desire to have to “fight for what we want”. Our struggles will be determined by our thoughts, not by the actions of others.

I’m reminded of a very famous quote and one of my personal favorites. It is so simple but so powerful in its simplicity. See if you can guess who said it. (Leave the answer in the comments section of my Facebook page.)

The quote is:

“…be water my friends…”

 Now think about what that statement means to you and how it applies and then…”Be water my friends.”







©S. L. Davis; Reiki Healings by Susan

 Psychic Tarot by John Holland. No infringement of copyright intended by the use of them in this post.

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Erin’s Toy: 1st in a series of Halloween inspired stories.


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red ball, buoy, shrimper boat, inlet, marsh

J.T. sat balanced on the thick limb that swung out over the muddy marsh and looked curiously out to the old shrimp boat. The rough exterior of the tree bark bit into the inner flesh of his legs through the heavy overalls he threw on that morning. He ached to be able to slosh through the water and muck and climb up into the old boat, but grandpa Emit warned him not to.

“Listen. I don’t want ta have ta tell you again to stay away from that place. It just ain’t safe.”

Oh, grandpa tried his best to scare him away with the tale of the lost little boy. Erin, he thought his name was.

Looking around, J.T. tried to measure the risk with the prize. If he stripped down to his bare essentials, he could wash up in the inlet afterwards, and Grandpa would think he’d just been swimming all day. With no one else around, J.T quickly climbed from the tree and jumped out of his canvas sneakers. He set his white socks inside each one, and then unhooking the brass buckles of his pants, he stepped out of each leg making sure to keep the bottoms from grazing the mud that would surely be noticed. He neatly folded the pants and stuck them in the crook of a tree limb high above the water’s surface. On top of those he stuck the sneakers and socks. Now he’d know just were to look for them when he got back from his exploration.

Down, now, to just his tighty-whities, he wallowed in the deepening depths of the grass-covered marsh. The thick ooze of the mud squishing between his toes and the sucking sound made with each step left him gleeful with anticipation. He felt like one does on the eve before Christmas, sneaking down to get a glimpse of all the presents under the tree, face pressed against the rails of the stairs.

Waist-high in the water now, he felt fear begin to creep into his thoughts as bits and pieces of the story resurfaced and danced in his mind.

“ …a trip with his father…climbing the nets…leg caught…falling overboard…never found…”

“I ain’t afraid of no stinkin’ story…or ghosts!” J.T.’s rational mind insisted a moment later as he pushed himself through the fear and the mud… “There ain’t no such thing anyway.”

Taking the last ten feet to the edge of the boat he pulled himself up by the last rung of the ladder that was welded to the side of the boat. It was much bigger than it looked from the other side of the marsh. Up close, he could see the large patches of rust peeking through the dull blue paint, and he could make out the name outlined in faded red.

“Erin’s toy.” J.T. read.

The shrimper had named it that because his young son thought the red buoys attached to the nets were balls and he’d reached for them saying, “My ball.”

J.T. banged hard on the iron with his fist and heard a deep hollow vibrate across the side of it.

“Hello! Anybody in there?”

He laughed to himself when no reply came.

Pulling one leg from the muck underneath him, he pushed and pulled his way up to the second rung and then the third, until finally, J.T. could swing a leg up and over the bottom rung and climb the ladder to the top of the boat. Standing over the side and looking up, he saw the huge holes in the heavy nets and wondered how far up Erin had gotten before he slipped and fell to his death. He noticed the floor of the boat littered with more netting and large drapes of rope dangling every which way. Cages hung from hooks the size of which he’d never seen. Climbing inside, he saw canisters that he thought still smelled like fish.

J.T. meandered into the cabin of the old boat and played a while with the dials on the pane. He imagined the great arms of the boat being lowered, the nets sinking into the depths of the deep ocean.

“Hello, this is your captain here. All hands on deck!”


“ Huh?!” J.T swung around. Just as sure as the sun rose daily he heard his name being whispered. He stopped his play and listened more intently, straining his ears, but heard nothing but the sound of some distant gulls keowing.

He grabbed the mic from the wood-grained panel and was about to speak into it when he heard the sound of a small boy crying.

“I want my daddy. Can you get my daddy, please?”

J.T. looked around the small room and saw nothing, but could feel the hairs on his neck and arms crawl. His heart quickened a bit as he yelled out into the thick air of the marsh.

“Who’s there!”

“I want my daddy!” a tiny voice came from a trap door leading to the cabin below.

J.T., feeling confused but braver than he felt, held his breath and flung the trap door open.

“Who’s there?” He shouted. “Answer me!”


J.T. looked into the darkness below him and felt a cold gust of air hit him in the face.

“Help! Please!” the voice came once more.

“Erin? But… you’re dead…” J.T. took the first steps down on the creaky, wooden steps and tried to peer deeper inside.

Just then he felt the grip of something cold grab his leg and pull him below. Screaming he clung frantically to the sides of the opening, digging his nails, kicking, and clawing to reach the top of the steps again.

“J.T…stay and play with me” the voice now said louder.

“Stop! Let me go!” J.T. yelled.

The grip became tighter and stronger and J.T. felt himself being pulled farther down the steps.

“Help! Help me!” He screamed.

But no one could hear J.T.

For the next five minutes, the sounds of his muffled screams could be heard from the inside of the locked trap door leading to the cabin below.

As the sun sank below the horizon, so too, quieted the sounds of distant screams and pleas for help.


The search party that night produced nothing but the folded clothes placed carefully in the crook of the gnarled cedar tree on the edge of the marsh a stone’s throw away from the old shrimper boat; but as the last man drove away in his beat-up truck, the sounds of young children playing could be heard carried on the breezes of a warm autumn night and a red ball could be seen flying from the top of the old boat’s nets to the water down below.

The Lost Talent


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I do not watch the view, nor do I watch the Miss America Beauty Pageant, however, during suggested reading on my feed on Facebook, I came across the story of the Contestant from Colorado, Kelley Johnson and her monologue on being a nurse. The feed was a story and video clip about the members of the T.V program THE VEW and an explanation of statements by some of the members of the T.V. panel as being misconstrued. I watched the playback of the episode in question where the members of the panel apologize for the insensitive statements on an earlier program in regards to the contestant’s talent performance, which was the monologue. The monologue was shown in the clip in its entirety and told an emotional and touching story of a nurse and an early patient of hers who suffered from the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s.

After watching the clip, I scrolled through a number of the comments on the bottom of the page and saw many people praise the nurse for her “talent” as a nurse while others, although apologetic, went on to say that being a nurse is not a talent, it is a skill set that is learned; and still more insisted that people were confusing the monologue, which was the portion of the contest in question, and nursing, which was what the monologue was about. Are you still with me?

For obvious reasons, comments left were very passionate in regards to the respect and gratitude for the profession of nursing. I have, myself, a respect for and admiration for the men and women who work long hours in rotating shifts and who care for the people they treat; my aunt having been one of them.

I don’t think anyone can call into question the validity of the importance of nurses or Ms. Johnson’s obvious passion for her work.

The matter in question, though, was her monologue about nursing. I’m not here to critique or even comment of the monologue itself, but as a person who works in an industry that is often used in a therapeutic setting, I would like to express my thoughts about the message that Ms. Johnson may have been trying to allude to in her Monologue, and it may be what some are trying to describe as being the talent in a profession known mostly for its skill set. Hopefully I can do this without putting words in her mouth. As I’ve already mentioned, a lot of people in the comments section referred to nursing as a profession requiring skills. There are a series of hard skills taught so that the student, upon graduating, is in a position to deal with certain issues that arise while performing their jobs.

There is, however, another very important part of being a nurse that not all learn to master. It is the ability to “touch” the lives of their patients and their patients’ family in a way that makes them feel special and loved and cared for…as if they were safe and home with their loved ones and not laying in a sterile, cold environment we all know hospitals can sometimes be. This ability is also a skill set taught and is known as ‘soft skills’; but in some, it is also a gift or talent.

A few years ago, during an oral presentation in public speaking, I was required to present up to an eight minute speech on a subject: The Power of Touch. The topic was my choosing and perhaps in the context of Massage Therapy there is more validity to the argument for the power of touch in all the senses of the word, but in nursing, one can also have this power-this ability-to touch. As described in my presentation, there are many meanings to the word, but that one specifically applies to the art of influencing or affecting an individual in a positive, or conversely a negative way without the use of physical touch.

I believe that was the lost point in Ms. Johnson’s monologue, the talent within the talent portion of the pageant; an ability to touch the lives of her patients in a way that will always be remembered and appreciated by them during, in some cases, their darkest hour. So whether you refer to Ms. Johnson’s monologue as being her talent portion of the pageant, or her skills as a nurse in being able to provide a ‘soft skill’ in a way that goes above and beyond the call of duty, you are right. Ms. Johnson’s monologue was a touching story that conveyed her ability and talent to touch the life of a patient and reach him in a way that not everybody is capable of doing.

That is a rare gift indeed.