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If you missed the post about this being a blog of daily prompts, here it is again. This blog is dedicated to (for right now at least) 500 word daily prompts that catch my fancy and ignite the fire of inspiration. I know you know the feeling I’m talking about; that tingly, ticklish, feeling in your belly and the internal rise in temperature-the one in which you feel the outer rim of your ears burning…yeah, that one! Ok. so here goes my second attempt.

This prompt is another from Writer’s Digest. For the actual set up, you can use the link to go to the page itself.

Writer’s Digest Daily Prompt, Mystery Call

mystery call

The Mystery Call

“Everything is fine hun, go back to sleep. I’m going downstairs to write a bit more, now that I’m up.” I heard my self say with more calm than I felt.

I watched the strong features of his face rise slowly in a gentle rhythm for a moment before sliding out from under the blanket and creeping to the window.  Cautiously, I reached up and pulled the silky panel an inch or so away from the frame. It was as if the driver of the vehicle contemplated my every move. The headlights flickered twice. I could see the pulse in the crook of my elbow beat faster as I lowered my arm and turned away from the window.


Five minutes later I found myself inside a four-door, dark blue sedan. Despite the circumstances, I found the grey, plush microfiber to be quite comfortable. The mirrored glass that separated me from the unknown driver was especially thick. My finger shot up to touch its smoky colored surface, and it became apparent that I was being watched.

“Hello! Who are you? What do you want with me?”  No answer.

“I’m talking to you!” My hand already pressed firmly against the cold surface moved to pound sharply on the two-way glass.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Mrs. McGuiness.” The voice was deep and smooth. Not a voice you’d expect to hear from a cheaply made speaker in the back of a secure vehicle.

“Why? What do you want with me?” I managed between ragged breaths, now more than a little alarmed at the predicament I found myself in…

What was I thinking; leaving the comfort of my bed, my home, my husband. Owen! Oh gosh, Owen. What would he think if he woke and I wasn’t there? But, that would be the least of my worries, now, wouldn’t it? Who was that mid-night caller and why had his voice sounded so familiar? If I had just stayed up a little later, I would have been awake when the call came instead of half asleep!

 “Hey! I asked you a question!” I said, slapping the glass with an open palm for added effect and despite his earlier warning.

The intercom squealed harshly before the smooth voice said, “All in good time, Mrs. McGuiness. All in good time.”


The last part he said as if an afterthought. He hadn’t believed she would come without a fight. He’d wagered a month’s salary she wouldn’t. He’d have to budget the next month now and miss out on the Vegas trip…Damn spook! Serves her right if she’s feeling a little vulnerable. He’d make her wait for her answers.

 He watched from the monitor in the front seat. The light from the moon cast a soft light on her delicate face. He could see the resemblance; a little around the nose, but mostly the eyes…it’s always in the eyes.

At that point, he couldn’t help himself.

Leaning over, he pressed his finger on the speaker button “It’s about the book Mrs. McGuiness. It’s ALL about the book.”