Prompt (WD)“I wasn’t planning on this. Falling in love with you was the last thing I wanted; because I know our time would have to come to an end. Yet, here I am, begging you not to turn the page.” He said. Who is the speaker and who is the speaker talking to? Finish the scene.

crying man

“Loving you would be suicide for me. Why can’t you see that?”

Her voice rippled in the confines of the small space. The words she spoke vaporized between the two. She couldn’t stand to be so close to his scorching heat. What he was doing to her?  The way she responded to his touch was unforgivable. Little by little, she could feel herself becoming less and less in his presence.

“I’m warning you! Keep away from me!” she said.

“Please!” He replied. “I’m not asking you to love me forever. Just move closer…spend some time with me. “He gestured for her to sit on his lap. “Let my love… engulf you.”

He could feel the raw emotion roaring within red-hot and blazing, and despite herself, she began to move closer and closer to her boiling point; that point of no return.

Allowing herself to sink into the warmth that now surrounded her, she knew that it was but a mere illusion of security; that every moment she spent with him would bring her closer to her inevitable death. Every molecule in her body told her to leave.  Internally, tiny bubbles danced and popped frantically. How exciting she felt around him. How alive!

She began to sweat, and as she did so, tiny droplets fell from her supple curves. She imagined she could hear each one sizzle as it fell on his red-hot, iron-hard chest. She straddled and hovered just above him.  His fingers danced fiercely on her now, caressing her hardened arches; every touch draining her from within. She could feel him depleting her ounce by ounce.

She knew her time left with him was brief. If she was going to die, it would be in a flash of heat so furious, it would cause her insides to explode and rupture all around him, and he would feel the agony of her love  as it rained down upon him… if only for a moment.

Her scream broke like a banshee whistling in the dead of night; the sound an unbearable grievance, and she… already a memory of what once was.


Fire was left there alone to mourn the death of his beloved Kettle Water.