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***In the card we see a person being pulled apart and seemingly going in different directions. This would indicate either internal or outside forces that distract and DISRUPT our progress in any endeavor. But if you notice the green and blue colors in the bottom of the card, you will be reminded to keep heart-centered (or your heart’s true desire front and centered) and to stay focused on manifesting what it is you want to see happen, and also, to be vocal and clear about what it is you want. Do not waver and if you do, be sure to get the goal back in focus.

The gold crowing the top of the head signifies your thoughts and keeping them in alignment with what your heart wants.  Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra and represents YOUR WILL. Even with all your distractions, you must keep your will and your desire in alignment.

During today’s meditation, and daily card reading I was reminded of the importance of not letting fear and negative thoughts overtake all the progress that has been made for many of us.

Sometimes, when we are faced with the silence of our own thoughts without the benefit of an approving crowd, we resort back to being in self-doubt of our own power and ability to become the person we dream of becoming, to accomplish the goals we know we were meant to achieve, to meet the people or persons we long to meet, and manifest to us the material in all forms.

Every negative thought disrupts that process.

Also, we must remember that Ego is very powerful and sometimes we create, for ourselves, situations that will actually hinder our own progress–hard to believe, I know, but true.

Think about a time when you were driven and determined to have something happen in your life: The passion was there creating the right setting for manifestation to happen (the potential) and then some form of emergency happened, or something that you depended on to help you with your endeavor fell through. We’d like to think that the universe conspired to set up these roadblocks, but you forget! You are made up of the same stuff the universe is made up of.

 You have that power to manifest and clear the way for all the right conditions. 

If obstacles occur, it is because we, on some level, doubt our own ability to create it for ourselves. We are not releasing all the old paradigms and beliefs that we are not enough on our own.

Another aspect of disruption occurs when the fear of others threatens our resolve and belief in ourselves.

If we remember that other’s actions are caused by their own fears, it makes it easier to let go of the anger we may feel, or the desire to have to “fight for what we want”. Our struggles will be determined by our thoughts, not by the actions of others.

I’m reminded of a very famous quote and one of my personal favorites. It is so simple but so powerful in its simplicity. See if you can guess who said it. (Leave the answer in the comments section of my Facebook page.)

The quote is:

“…be water my friends…”

 Now think about what that statement means to you and how it applies and then…”Be water my friends.”







©S. L. Davis; Reiki Healings by Susan

 Psychic Tarot by John Holland. No infringement of copyright intended by the use of them in this post.

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