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gilded tarot sun


***The Sun Card shows a brightly burning sun emanating all the colors associated with the chakras; a balanced system that exudes health, joy, and power. Around the Sun revolves the planets in their perfect alignment to the sun. The Sun’s radiant power pulls and steers the direction of the planets and keeps everything in motion and shines light upon everything she touches. Under her warm gaze, everything flourishes. There is even beauty in the shadows she casts as she illuminates in bright fashion from sun up till sun down.


Today’s meditation is in stark contrast to yesterday’s disruption. More proof positive that it only takes a slight adjustment in thought to tip the scales to a brighter day. When in doubt, keep moving. You can always correct your course later. Growth comes from activity and motion even if only in thought. Pay attention to ideas that come to you in a flash and write them down.

The message is that as long as you are in harmony and one with everything and radiating the positivity from within, like the magnetic field of the sun, your wants, needs, and desires will be drawn to you at all the appropriate times.  The light from the sun will guide your way.

There is great pleasure in strolling about on a sun-soaked day, be it at the beach or in a park. During these times, we aren’t too concerned with what’s going on around us (unless it appeals to us in some way). Our cares and worries are few, at least for a time. The card asks that you take a metaphoric stroll as long as the sun is out and remember to forget to worry and just feel the power of the sun’s warmth. Wallow in it. Feel the joy the sun radiates. If things come easily now, don’t question it. Just turn your face to the streaming rays and let it bath you in its light.

*“I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that held me down. It’s gonna’ be a bright, bright, sun-shiny day.”

Answers that seemed elusive are revealed. Troubles that burdened are lifted. Moods that were low are heightened. Birds are singing, children laughing…all is good with the world.

The sun rises every day without fail. Even when cloud storms threaten, be reminded that the sun is always shining somewhere. If you can’t see it, imagine it. Close your eyes and see yourself basking in her rays. Your mood with brighten instantly.


©S. L. Davis; Reiki Healings by Susan

The Sun Card from Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti; no copyright infringement intended.